The Cast in The Suicide Bomber

The Suicide Bomber

 "Honest, ruthless, optimistic, satanic and very, very funny."
Yediot Ahronot (Israel)
"Infused with much humor, wit, and intelligence."
Caribbean New Yorker
The Middle East, land of legends and trade, is a world of colorful images and mystical perceptions. Reality never kicks in, the dead have more power than the living, the past stronger than the future, and the present never exists. Logic, the crowned achievement of man, never sinks in, fears abound, and prophets – hundreds and thousands years of age – still command the land from beneath the earth and from atop its clouds. And that is precisely why The Suicide Bomber is a play like no other.

(In its original N.Y. production, The Suicide Bomber featured a cast of both Israeli and Palestinian actors.)
Cast: 4. 3 male, 1 female.


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