The Last Virgin

A Theatrical Journey Into the Pleasures of Chaos

THE LAST VIRGIN is playing in the US and Europe for ten years to date. The VIRGIN first opened in New York in a JTNY production, winning rave reviews by top American and European critics.


From the Reviews:


"Tenenbom's laughter touches our soul in places where mere intellect could never reach."

Die Zeit (Germany)


"Effectively satiric, provocative and expertly acted."

The New York Times


"Bluntly satirical play" that "manages to insult all sides."

The New York Times


"The Most Important Play of the Year."

StadtRevue (Köln)


The Last Virgin is a Middle Eastern comedy of errors. Three men--one Christian, one Jew and one Arab--sit in a pub and play a dangerous game. Each pretends to be the other, but none knows who the other actually is. Praying on the floor of their pub is a seductive ghost known as "The Virgin." All try to tempt her, but she has her own game to play... Late into the night these four characters manipulate one another, but only one can win ... and winner will take all.


Cast: 4. 3 male, 1 female.

LV in Luxembourg


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