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"LAST JEW IN EUROPE is the hottest premiere of the season ... Only a stone would not be moved by it."
International Association of Theater Critics, Poland

"LAST JEW IN EUROPE is unexpected and intriguing ... a la Woody Allen."
Polityka (Poland's leading weekly, reviewing Teatr Na Woli’s production in Warsaw)

"Soul-penetrating comedy of errors by one of the most iconoclastic and innovative of contemporary dramatists."
Corriere della Sera (Italy’s leading daily, reviewing the New York production)

"Outrageously comical."



Extended Seven Times, Is to Re-Open in 2009!

LAST JEW IN EUROPE, having its first public appearance in Germany in June of 2006, opened in New York in March of 2007. As a result of its long run, the opening of our ground-breaking comedy on faith and games, MOUNTAIN JEWS, has been postponed over and again for the last year. MOUNTAIN JEWS is now scheduled to open on November 9, 2008. LAST JEW will re-open in 2009, exact date TBA.

We are elated that LAST JEW IN EUROPE has become such a great New York success story. When it first opened in New York, LAST JEW had to struggle for survival against overwhelming odds: Starting with Polish government officials in the USA who accused our theater for the anti-Semitic ills in their country, and ending with the powerful New York Times, whose culture editor ran to Page Six of the New York Post to proclaim a boycott against our theater and defame our name. We are delighted that after such rough beginnings the page has finally turned also in Poland and that LAST JEW is presently warmly embraced by Polish artists and theatergoers, running on the stage of a Polish state theater, the prestigious Teatr Na Woli in Warsaw. The show, which opened in Poland on March 15, 2008, garnered some of the best reviews of the season by top Polish critics.

LAST JEW IN EUROPE, a tragicomedy about the resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe, is going on hiatus in order to allow the opening of MOUNTAIN JEWS. We plan to re-open LAST JEW in 2009 and will notify the public timely of its exact schedule.

Synopsis: LAST JEW IN EUROPE, which uses documentary materials, tells the story of love between a nebbish Polish man and his beautiful fiancee in the city of Lodz, Poland. Knowing of his bride's distaste for Jews, the groom never reveals his Jewish identity to her -- claiming instead to be a "Christian Atheist." But two days before their wedding a Mormon missionary from Utah, on an assignment to uncover Jewish families in Lodz, arrives in town and declares that the groom is none other than the son of a famous German Nazi and that the bride is actually Jewish. Will the two still marry each other?

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