The JTNY Responds to Threats of Lawsuit by Stern

For Immediate Release
Isi Tenenbom, 212.494.0050

Ron Kuby to Represent The Jewish Theater of New York in Response to Threatened Lawsuit by Stern Family Lawyers, Pryor Cashman Sherman & Flynn LLP

Following the shameful attempt by the law firm representing the Stern family, Pryor Cashman Sherman & Flynn LLP, to take this theater to court on baseless grounds, The Jewish Theater of New York announces that it has engaged the services of the renowned New York attorney, Mr. Ron Kuby, to defend it against this atrocious act.

In his response letter to attorney Stephen F. Huff of Pryor Cashman, Mr. Ron Kuby writes, in part:

"I represent the Jewish Theater of New York, a not-for-profit theater group dedicated to the artistic exploration of Jewish issues and Jewish philosophy. The Jewish Theater of New York prides itself on artistic excellence and creative exploration while eschewing personal profit—concepts alien to your firm, but about which you may have read or heard.
The production of Kabbalah, in which Ms. Stern sought and was awarded the lead, took over a year to research and produce. Dozens of actors and production personnel spent thousands of unpaid hours devoted to making the production a success. Your client referred to the show, in an e-mail dated December 31, 2005, as 'the most wonderful show I have been a part of.' All of that time and work was wasted when your client, in a snit because some of her father’s lewd and lunatic fans discovered she was Emily Stern, abandoned her commitment to the production. Apparently concerned that she might become the fantasy object of her father’s carefully cultivated fan base of masturbatory adolescents, Emily Stern runs to the planet’s most expensive intellectual property firm to bully the very theater that gave her the opportunity she so craved. Ironically, your firm is an expense she can afford only because her father has so successfully created the very following of drooling jerk-offs from which she flees. Now that is a story worthy of theater!"

In the latter parts of the response, attorney Kuby goes over other details of the KABBALAH story and challenges Mr. Huff's threats against this theater.

The Jewish Theater of New York, the only English-speaking Jewish theater company in New York, will fight with all its might against attempts by people (Jews, in this case--and sadly so) who try hard to crush it with the power of their limitless financial resources, infamous celebrity status, and sheer viciousness.

The Jewish Theater of New York is grateful to Mr. Ron Kuby for once again standing on the side of justice.

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