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HONEST JOURNALISM AWARD to be given to Tuvia Tenenbom for The Lies They Tell / Allein unter Amerikanern in a special ceremony at President Obama's favorite spot in Germany, the Adlon Hotel of Berlin.

Tuvia Tenenbom, the founder of the Jewish Theater of New York and a political columnist for ZEIT ONLINE, will be presented the 7,000 Euro Honest Journalism Award for excellent reporting on the U.S. in his latest Spiegel Bestseller ALLEIN UNTER AMERIKANERN ("The Lies they Tell" in English) by Jüdische Rundschau publisher, Rafi Korenzecher. The festive award ceremony will take place at the Adlon Hotel in Berlin on December 12 @ 7pm.

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Update: The 7,000 euros are to go somewhere else...


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LIES is on top of all Israel's major Best Seller lists, and is a Spiegel Best Seller in Germany.

    The USA is the world’s empire and what it does will influence all of us for generations to come. But who are the Americans, the people who make up America?
    Tuvia Tenenbom travels through America to find out. He visits megachurches looking for the holy spirit in America, and drives to Indian reservations in search of ancient spirituality. He goes to black ghettos and listens to gang members explain the logic of killing fellow blacks, and he dines with rich whites who profess love of poor blacks. He meets Jews who dedicate day and night in hatred of their brethren, and schmoozes with robbers who teach him the true meaning of love. He flirts with Arab virgins who show him the sweet things of life, and shoots imaginary bears with powerful shotguns and glitzy pistols. He finagles his way into a prison, where skinheads pray, and wanders into the Senate, where the elected Brave reside. He experiments with drugs on American streets, and ponders the deeper meaning of life with rednecks. He sits with monks who throw obscenities at him, and with the homeless who put their trust in him. He mingles with American soldiers who teach him how to invade foreign countries, and he joins intellectual Americans who teach him the nature of mother earth, the goodness of man, and the sadism of the Israeli.
    Welcome to the real America, a place you call home but don’t yet know.  

Sample reviews from the Israeli media:

"Savage, disturbing, comical ... Tenenbom has again written a book that is unputdownable." The Jerusalem Post

"The Lies They Tell exposes the real America, the one where racism and anti-Semitism lurk just beneath the surface ... Not to worry, Tenenbom knows how to serve his dishes in an easy, palatable manner, which won't allow you to put the book down until it's finished." Israel Hayom

"Special and unique." Channel 1 TV 

"An excellent book!" Channel 2 TV

"An excellent, wonderful book!" Channel 20 TV

"Sharp in its observations, pointedly direct ... will make you laugh out loud at the same time that it paints for you America's saddest stories." Makor Rishon 


Sample reviews from the German media: 

"A great, sharp book with deep insight, never sugarcoated, into the reality of a country torn apart. Skillfully, Tenenbom interweaves the dialogues into the text and the result is an entertaining and authentic book. Detailed and shocking, this is the best of Tenenbom's books." Deutschlandradio 

“A New Yorker travels through Trumpland … gives a voice to people of all social classes, from the homeless to the oil tycoons; all faiths and minorities … his description of America's ghettos and homeless colonies is impressive…” Spiegel Online

"After reading this book, it is no surprise that Donald Trump has won the election." Stuttgarter Zeitung

"Simultaneously entertaining and shocking." Die Welt 

"Packed with Jewish humor ...  Reading this book is a delight ... Tenenbom is honest, free of political correctness and he doesn't shy away from recounting embarrassing experiences." Titel-Kulturmagazin 

"Tenenbom is not interested in what is on the surface but in what is underneath it, and he digs ever deeper. In what at first seems like harmless chats, he uncovers an America that you won't find in the news: the shadowy side of the American Dream. Tenenbom does not judge people who share with him the darker corners of their hearts, but he quotes them mercilessly." Mitteldeutsche Zeitung

"Entertaining and frightening." Fantasia 637e

"Incredibly funny." Hamburger Abendblatt


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On stage and in print early 2017