A Scence from Father of the Angels


Father of the Angels
Assassination and Desires: The Untold Stories

"Irresistibly fascinating, emotionally explosive, seductive and engaging."
The New York Times

"Theater of integrity, inquiry, and chutzpah."
The Village Voice

"A new form of Jewish Theater."
Le Monde

A Theatrical Exploration of the Intimate
A Tragicomedy in Two Acts

Set in Jerusalem under the British Mandate, this "dazzling" (Le Vif l’Express) play tells the story of the pious, staunchly anti-Zionist rabbi who fervently fights against the formation of the Jewish state at the very same time that he ceaselessly roams the streets of Jerusalem in desperate search of his truest love: young Arab boys. Based on true stories, Father of the Angels examines the tortured existence of a holy man who spends his life in a constant battle of loyalties: God and Satan, Desire and Faith.

Father of the Angels also explores the inner-working of British diplomacy of old: Good whisky and a bit of Coleridge are much more important than the life of others…

Cast: 7. 6 male, 1 female. In addition: 1 dog.

Jessica Hecht & Austin Pendleton in Father of The Angels, at the John Houseman Theatre in NYC

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