THE CAT AND THE RAT: A Journey through Britain is a literary and realistic journey across the Four Nations during one of Britain's most defining historical moments when the peoples' body and soul lie naked, divided and fractured, in the bloody Brexit battlefield.

Through interviews with countless people in over six months, THE CAT AND THE RAT reveals that alarmingly, Great Britain's divided society unites in its hate, or denigration, of the Jew.

THE CAT AND THE RAT, a bittersweet portrayal of the UK, and a bit of Ireland as well, is written with humor, sadness, and tough love. It incorporates interviews with Lords and Dames, MPs and Lord Mayors, city Council Leaders, religious leaders, real estate tycoons, scientists, student leaders and migrants, a philosopher and a gangster, a bestselling author, and a kilt maker, a football team manager and a TV beauty, to name but a few.

In THE CAT AND THE RAT you'll visit villages and cities, castles and mosques, palaces and foodbank centers, universities and pubs, battlefields of centuries ago and battlefields yet to come -- and you'll get to see the cat and the rat in all their glory.

Presentations scheduled for 2020.