When Tuvia Tenenbom, author of three Spiegel best-selling books, went to the United Kingdom during the long, drawn-out Brexit drama and asked people to define themselves, they told him that they were kind, friendly, polite and blessed with a great sense of humor. Joining in the humorous, he presented himself as a journalist from Germany, Jordan, Palestine, and even Ethiopia. They liked that, and gradually opened up and told him what's on their mind. Brexit or not, they said to him, the world would be a better place if not for the Jews; some even added that Hitler should have finished the job.

Traveling in the United Kingdom for seven months, Tuvia, who is the artistic director of the Jewish Theater of New York and a veteran European journalist, encountered more anti-Semitism in Her Majesty's land than in any other western country and unveiled many unreported violent attacks against Jews. 

Yet, and across the board, most British Jewish leaders refused to admit on the record the anti-Semitism in the land. Faced with specific and detailed stories of violent attacks against Jews -- as told to Tenenbom by many non-office-holder Jews -- the leaders vehemently denied that such has ever taken place anytime, anywhere in the UK. They admitted the anti-Semitism surrounding them, and added more horror stories of their own, only when interviewed off the record.

THE TAMING OF THE JEW incorporates interviews with people young and old, rich and poor, pub patrons and spiritual leaders, Lords and mayors, Dames and MPs, students and cabbies, Jews and non-Jews, a philanthropist and a mercenary, a TV beauty and a gangster, the most admired football club manager and the biggest fan of the Egyptian king, to name but a

THE TAMING OF THE JEW is scheduled to come out in 2020, to be followed by stage presentations in New York and elsewhere.

THE TAMING OF THE JEW was commissioned by Suhrkamp Verlag in Berlin, under the title ALLEIN UNTER BRITEN.